Boscien System Co., Ltd. founded in 1998 in Hsinchu County, Taiwan Province.  The main business items, designing, manufacturing, installation, testing a variety of process equipment-wet bench, covering the semiconductor factory etching process automation equipment, automatic chemical dispense system , LED process equipment, clean oven, solar cell process equipment, and the variety of components, mask, quartz tube ,5 gallon bucket and 50 gallon drums, crystal box, FOUP cleaning equipment, the production of high-purity electronic materials of chemical process equipment, mixed acid, diluted system, pipelines, filtration equipment, storage tanks, lorry system, filling station and packaging equipment , laboratory furniture and equipment, chemical fume cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, waste gas treatment equipment.  Provide the most advanced technology, the best quality equipment and the best service attitude team, to all customers, customer satisfaction, always provide good stable equipment and service supplier.